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If any of you follow my Facebook or Twitter feeds you’ll know I’ve been running a campaign to help people lose weight in the nick of time for their Summer Holidays. As well as having given away a Clean 9 detox plan to the lovely Tracey Butterfield, who’ll be sharing her journey and results with us exclusively on the Forever B Facebook Page! With that in mind I thought this week I’d write about…..


Top Tips to Detox Successfully!

There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you’re achieving optimum health every day, and nothing is more challenging than achieving that goal. With marketing and supermarkets putting temptation in our reach all the time, how are we supposed to make sure we stay on the right path for our bodies? Well I’m here to help with this weeks top 10 tips to detox to a better you!




1. Drink More Water!

This one’s fairly simple, drink lots of water everyday to help flush all those toxins out of your system. Take out all those cups of tea & coffee, or replace all those fizzy drinks with a glass of water. It’s what your body’s really craving anyway! So give your body what it deserves, clean fresh water.





2. Take It Slow

In the weeks leading up to your detox, slowly reduce your caffeine and sugar intake. So you know those 12 cups of tea I drink every day? I work my way down to 10, then 8 and so on till I’m at 0. That way I’m setting myself up for success in advance, and making my Clean 9 detox easier to stick to.


3. Get Extra Aloe

In the weeks before the Clean 9 start to introduce Forever Aloe Vera Gel into your system. Start by taking 15ml every morning & evening, and gradually increase to 30ml then 60ml each time over the course of 2 weeks. That way you’ve already begun to cleanse your gut of all the unhealthy decaying matter trapped there. So when it comes time to start your Clean 9 you’ll see massive results much faster than you would have otherwise. Plus you’ll feel amazing to begin with, as Aloe helps to increase your energy levels.


Plan4. Plan Ahead

When it comes to day 3 of Clean 9, you’re going to get your first 600 calorie meal. It helps to plan ahead and make sure you know what you’ll be eating is a healthy, fresh and balanced meal. In my blog post next week I’ll be talking about healthy recipes and meal plans that are easy to follow. So come back next week if you’re not sure how to plan out a week’s worth of Clean 9 meals.



5. Get a Small Plate

Everybody knows this one, buy a little plate, and eat only food that fits inside the middle of the plate. So that Steak that hangs off the ends doesn’t count, sorry guys if it’s too big to fit, it’s not in the plan!

6. Use Your Fists!

When it comes time to finish your detox, you still need to make healthy choices! What’s the point in cleaning out your engine only to fill it back up with cheap oil and polluted water? So learn to use your fists as a guide to portion sizes. It’s goes a little something like this:

  • 1 fist of Meat/Fish
  • 1 fist of Carbohydrates – like potatoes or rice
  • 2 fists of Vegetables



7. Halve the Bill, Split your Meal

If you go out to eat and the portion sizes are insane, what on earth can you do? It’s simple really… share! If you split the meal in half it’ll probably turn out to be one REAL portion’s worth, and what’s more it’ll definitely halve your share of the bill. It’s a Win Win!

8. Think Positive

There’s nothing worse than when that little devil gets on your shoulder. It’s hard to shift that nagging doubt that you just can’t do it! IF you find yourself struggling with self-doubt, just lie down for 5 minutes and concentrate on your breathing. As you breath out imagine yourself letting go of your self-doubt, breathing out all that negative energy.


9. Make Exercise Easy

The Clean 9 requires 20 minutes of exercise every day. You need to get your heart pumping a little faster for this to be effective, but that doesn’t mean you need to go for a 2 mile run, or cycle to the moon and back. Try just increasing the pace of your morning routine, or cleaning the house a little faster every evening. Running around after kids all day? Try actually running around after the kids. In the office increase your stride and walk faster, it’ll help tone your legs and increase your heart rate all day. You’ll be burning fat with almost no effort!


10. Enjoy Your Food

Just because you’re on a detox doesn’t mean you have to eat raw carrots and homous every day. Plan out meal’s that you enjoy, and make them from scratch. Homemade burgers with pitta bread & salad, with a small bowl of soup to start and a portion of fresh fruit for dessert, sound good? You can make that a 600 calorie meal if you try!


I hope you’ve found these tips helpful and will come back next week for my 7 day Clean 9 detox diet plan.


Wishing you great focus, vision and success



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